what am i?

we are new on the scene here and we want to shake things up.
but you are probably wondering what the hell is this product.
it looks fun, sounds fun... but what does it do? 
well the answer is simple. 
belly blends is 'a natural jelly blend designed to help heal your gut lining' 
we have tried and tested different ingredients, methods, techniques to come up with australia's first gut gummy blend. 
each product is designed so you can get your hands dirty, change things up a bit, add a little or add a lot. you are the creator.
no more unhealthy packet mixes, just nutritious blends that are designed to benefit your health & wellbeing. all our blends are gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free, blended with love in melbourne.

what is gelatin? 

gelatin is a pure protein that is made from the connective tissue of animals. these essential amino acids form the building blocks that help promote glowing skin, optimal gut health, strong hair and nails and even speed up muscle recovery. 

why gelatin & collagen:

imagine a healthy treat that helps you improves your digestion, strengthens hair & nails and improves the appearance of your skin? something that slips easily into your daily routine, and tastes fantastic at the same time.
at belly blends we use these two hero ingredients in our blends, as both have amazing health benefits that made it a no brainer for us to use in our products.