what is Belly Blends?

what am i?


gut gummies for glowing health.

formulated and loved by nutritionists, i’m a simple gummy blend of gelatin and natural flavours designed to aid in gut health and general wellbeing.

if you haven’t tried making me yet, you’re in for a treat.

my secret weapon in helping heal and repair your gut is gelatin. on its own it has amazing benefits because of its unique combination of amino acids, but when blended with my other natural ingredients and a can of coconut cream…well, let’s just say you and i are going to be pretty popular with your insides.

no fancy words.

no expensive ingredients to source.

just real, functional food made easy.


all my blends are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free, blended with love in melbourne.


enjoyed as a fudgey treat on my own, or used in a raw treat recipe, i also make a great lunchbox treat for kids too.

check out some super easy (and gut loving) recipes here.




why gelatin? 

if you haven't guessed already, i'm big on improving gut health.
a happy belly means you glow from the inside out with healthier skin, stronger hair & nails and an extra pep in your step.
including gelatin in your diet is a simple way of supporting your gut health, naturally.
gelatin is a pure natural collagen powder, derived from animals, and is a complete protein source.
containing essential amino acids plus an abundance of minerals, gelatin helps heal the gut lining, reduce inflammation, repair and build tissues within the body, promote strong hair & nails, and is responsible for the renewal of skin cells amongst a host of other benefits.
pretty cool, huh?