m a k i n g

1. place your silicone moulds onto a flat tray or chopping board.

2. open can of coconut cream and pour into saucepan. using a whisk, stir until coconut cream has melted.

3. open one sachet and pour contents into the saucepan. whisk until the powder has dissolved. 

4. remove from heat and using a pouring jug, fill up your moulds.

5. place in fridge to set for 1 hour. keep refrigerated. 


d e l i v e r y

when will my belly blends arrive? 

your belly blends will arrive within 5 business days of your order. maybe even quicker as we like to bribe our posties with belly blends. 

how much is postage? 

a small fee of $5 or free shipping over $50 with one condition. Promise to smile at a stranger & hug one random person this week. #pinkypromise .

what happens if I don't receive my belly blends?

obviously someone is out there enjoying your blends. Good for them, but not for you. email us straight away and we will solve, pronto! 


b l e n  d s 

how many jellies does one packet make? 

one packet of belly blends contains two sachets. each sachet makes roughly 20 jellies. 

what are the flavours? 

so happy you asked... we have

cacao - dark, dreamy with a hint of salt 

golden - subtle spiced blend, kinda like a warm hug

super berry - fun, fruity & a punch of colour 

matcha - need we say any more?

what sort of mould do i need to use? 

we recommend using a silicone mould, so the belly blends won't stick. we strongly recommend against an ice tray... trust us! 

how many can I eat in a sitting? 

our record is 15 but we don't recommend that. for general health and wellbeing, we recommend 2 a day. 


s t o r a g e 

what is the shelf life of my belly blends? 

in the sealed packets, these babies last 12 months. 

how do I store them? 

with the packets - just remember to keep in a cool and dry place. moisture is not your friend... again, trust us!

once your belly blends have been made - keep them in a sealed container in the fridge for 7 days. 

how long will they last for? 

7 days... if they last that long!