who am i?


hey, i'm Belly Blends 


my mission is simple: to improve gut health one belly blend at a time.


education drives my team's passion for health and wellness, and a return to the principles of using food as medicine saw the creation of my ‘fun’ctional gut friendly snacks.


behind the scenes there's a duo team of nutritionist and communications consultant who are also parents and friends, and who (on occasion) are prone to switching between gummies and gin to achieve their version of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
every blend has been crafted to squishy perfection using the best ingredients for optimal gut health, including my hero - australian bovine gelatin. then it's over to you for the fun part: adding coconut cream (or your fave nut mylk) and added extras to make them your own.
designed to get you in the kitchen and taking joy in feeding yourself, family and friends with a treat that's not only good for you, but is easy to make and delicious to eat, my blends are a canvas for you to get creative and experiment with, or enjoy on my own as a guilt-free, gut friendly snack.
want to know more about the benefits of my blends? be ah-mazed here.
get sharing! tag your creations @bellyblends and #followyourgut