raw chocolate + toppings

raw chocolate + toppings

we don't need it to be Easter to enjoy a little chocolate, but given it is the season for all things cacao, we thought we'd share with you our fave recipe for raw chocolate + toppings to gift, indulge in or share with friends.

we've used cacao butter but if you don't have it on hand, coconut oil works just as well but will seperate slightly and melts easily (so you need to gobble them quickly!).

 these chocolates are refined sugar free, vegan, dairy and gluten free so great for gifting friends with intolerances. without all the processing of conventional chocolates, you'll enjoy the full benefits of cacao such as feel-good mood boosting compounds, antioxidants and protein.

raw chocolate 


1 cup cacao butter, grated

1/2 cup cacao powder

3 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup

1 tsp natural vanilla extract



1. melt the butter over a low heat in a double boiler.

2. remove from heat and whisk in remaining ingredients until thickened and free from lumps.

3. pour into silicone moulds of choice, add toppings and set in the fridge.



why stop at just chocolate when you can pimp these babies with your choice of toppings! 

some of our favourites include:

- adding a few drops of (edible) peppermint oil

- adding puffed quinoa

- chopped nuts

- adding a shot of espresso

- setting a base then spooning nut butter and adding more chocolate on top to make nut butter cups

- dipping frozen Belly Blends gummies in and setting

- spreading it out on a tray instead of using moulds, sprinkling goji berries, nuts and seeds, setting and cracking into bark shards

- using fresh or dried fruits


we promise - once you've tried this recipe for raw chocolate there will be no going back. friends will be requesting this every year! so which topping will you start with?



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