gut-loving supermarket staples

gut-loving supermarket staples

you'd be surprised by the basic items you can find in your supermarket (or already in your pantry!) that support gut health and general wellbeing.

so what should you be looking for? here's our list of basic items you'll find in your supermarket to help boost gut health.


beans and legumes

available dried or in a can, these are an economical source of nutrients, plant-based protein and both insoluble and soluble fibre, which are important for maintaining good gut health. use them to bulk out soups, bolognese or salads. some stomachs can be sensitive to the phytic acid (a main cause for flatulence) so soaking them overnight before cooking can help make them easier to digest.


nuts and seed butters

nut and seed butters make a nutritious and tasty addition to smoothies or spread onto fruits or veggies for a quick, satisfying snack. aim to eat a handful (30g) each day, and look for the low/no salt options.


rolled oats

choose a wholegrain variety to ensure they haven't been stripped of essential nutrients and bioactive substances, such as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, healthy fats and fibre. 


probiotic foods

depending on any intolerances, budget and taste buds, probiotics are naturally found in a number of different foods. so if sauerkraut isn't your thing, then consider a daily dollop of natural yoghurt, adding pickles to your salad, miso, sourdough bread or kombucha.



great for restoring digestive balance, bananas are also a great source of fibre - so pop them on your oats for breakfast, enjoy them in a smoothie and use up the brown ones in your baking!


extra virgin olive oil

loaded with beneficial plant chemicals (polyphenols and other phytochemicals) to help promote a healthy environment for your gut microbiota, use this versatile oil for stir frying, salad dressings, roasting and sautéing.



loved for its flavour, but did you know it's also a great source of prebiotic fibre that is beneficial to your gut health?


add to this lots of variety in fruits and vegetables and you have yourself a well balanced trolley! for a full list of other pantry items to support gut health, download our guide to beating the bloat here.



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