eating mindfully during the holidays

eating mindfully

we've all been guilty of throwing back our food without focussing on what we are actually doing; eating! 

we eat fast. oftentimes we hungrily tuck into a large plate of food only to find ourselves staring at an empty plate, minutes later, our bodies still craving more. besides eating quickly, while we eat we often need something to do. as if the single act of eating isn’t entertaining enough, we check facebook, text messages, read the back of cereal boxes, flip through magazines or gaze at coffee-stained newspapers. 

however, when we eat quickly, we find that we don’t concentrate on the experience of eating. we let the act pass us by, which can result in decreased feelings of satiety and satisfaction after a meal.

one of the best pieces of nutritional advice is, rather than focusing on what to eat, we need to focus on how to eat.

mindful eating is something that we are very passionate about and is a great practice to get into to help promote better digestion, keep you fuller for longer, and influence wiser choices about what you eat in the future.

we encourage making food choices not because we are hungry but rather how you're nourishing your body.


so as a little reminder for the holiday season, we've listed up our top 6 tips for eating more mindfully. 

1. check in with yourself before you eat

are you eating because you're hungry? or are you stressed, tired, bored or worried? often we eat not because we are hungry but because we want comfort or to fill an emotional void. bring a sense of curiosity to why & when you are 'hungry', and of course stay hydrated. 

2. dedicate TIME to eating your meal 

ensure you chew you food (10-15 chews will do) and savour each bite. so often we rush through our meals and forget to enjoy our time eating. this not only rushes our digestion, but sends a stress message to our brain. 

3. turn off & tune in 

try turning off your phone and TV around meal time. tune into what you are about to eat. what are the colours in your bowl? how does it smell? what is the temperature of the food? where does the flavour hit your tongue? actually looking at your food before hand is proven to increase stomach acid production and in turn improve digestion. eat with your eyes!

4. sit down & relax

it's tempting to have lunch on the go or eat it sitting at your desk. unfortunately this multi tasking is unproductive, and you're sending a message of urgency to your digestive system and this can cause bloating and digestive discomfort. try sitting at a table and avoid the couch! 

5. choose a nutritional & beneficial snack

Belly Blends is more than just a snack to fill your up or satisfy a sugar craving with gut-loving gelatin, aloe vera, coconut and so many more natural ingredients which your body recognises and is able to use. high in good fats and protein whilst having no sugar it is the ultimate after food treat without all the nasties. the extra gut healing properties are just a bonus once you’ve tasted our blends!  

6. lose the guilt 

it's important to enjoy meal times and the opportunity to share meals with family and friends. so enjoy that glass of wine, and maintain balance filling your plate with nutritious whole foods, healthy fats and proteins where ever possible.


do you have any other ways we could be more conscious around meal time? let us know in the comments below. 


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