gut health with Amelia from C.H.E.W Nutrition

gut health with Amelia from C.H.E.W Nutrition

ee love collaborating with epic humans who are changing the game when it comes to gut health & wellness. Amelia runs a beautiful Melbourne based business called CHEW Nutrition. She is nearly finished her bachelor of Nutrition, and makes epic raw desserts & treats. She has created a series of recipes which we will be publishing over the coming weeks. 

For more food inspo & health tips - check out her instagram here.


we always like to start with this one - what is your favourite flavour of Belly Blends? 

Definitely the GOLDEN blend. I am obsessed with turmeric and it’s anti inflammatory benefits- so the golden blend is a big yes from me! 

how did you get into nutrition & what inspired you to start CHEW? 

I actually studied psychology in my first year post school- but decided after a year that nutrition was a bigger passion of mine. I studied through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) gaining knowledge around the benefits of a holistic approach to health and wellness (food, physical activity, spirituality, career and relationships)- which definitely bridged psychology and my Nutrition Bachelors degree I am currently studying and will graduate from in a couple of months time. I have always had a massive passion for cooking, food and health- and wanted to do what I loved every day! 

can you talk us through the meaning behind the name CHEW & where it came from? 

Yes!! Aside from the fact that chewing is obviously super important for digestive health- which is a massive interest of mine- C.H.E.W, actually stands for Conscious Heart, Enriched Well-being. The name CHEW is a reflection of holistic health and wellness and alludes to the care, confidence and belief in yourself that I believe is pivotal to nourishing your soul and health on a deeper level. With understanding of what works for YOU- as an individual- and the belief that you can achieve your health and wellness goals- you are on the journey to living your healthiest and happiest life. 

you always seem to have a smile on your face - how do you keep your cup full & keep smiling?

I really try to focus on 5 key things day to day. 1. Food (am I loving the food I am eating and is it energising me to do what I need to), 2. Physical activity (keeps me mentally sane and makes me feel great! Hello Endorphins!!!), 3. Relationships (am I connecting with people around me and being 100% present in these interactions), 4. Spirituality (meditation is something I am working on- but definitely try to find moments of peace throughout the day to rest my mind), 5. Career- am I striving to reach my career goals and be better every single day!?

tell us how you start your day? 

making my bed haha! I can’t do anything before that’s done- then I’ll have a Liquorice tea- I’m obsessed! And go for a walk or to a reformer Pilates class. 

how do you use gelatin throughout your day to day diet? And why?

i started experiencing significant gut health issues when I was about 17 and was eventually diagnosed with IBS by a gastroenterologist. The role of gelatin in healing my gut has been huge! I love on-the-go homemade jellies (like belly blends), bone broth and adding high quality grass fed collagen powder to smoothies! 

What are some other ways you can incorporate Belly Blends into your diet?

Start your day with a turmeric latte using the golden blend, create little jellies to snack on throughout the day or try my recipes below! 

What are your biggest tips when it comes to gut health? 

Include high quality grass fed gelatin products, fermented foods (rich in probiotics- good bacteria for increasing and maintaining microbiome integrity and diversity), eat your fibre! Fibre acts as a fertiliser for all of our healthy gut bacteria- so ensuring we are nurturing those is key to a healthy gut!

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